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The variety is complete, the plastic products you want are here.

Integrity, professionalism, pragmatism and efficiency

Founded in 2000, Shenzhen Mingcai Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a medium-sized domestic enterprise specializing in the production of plastic packaging bags. The company has today's advanced gravure high-speed printing machine, flexographic printing eight-color machine, four-color machine, blow molding machine, and a complete set of post-process equipment.

Why choose us

The strength of the manufacturers professionally reliable, there are patterns, dare to take responsibility, honesty, trustworthiness



17 years of technical accumulation · Strength protection

  • Converging plastic modified research talents, with 30 years of experience in engineering team
  • Establishing the products and service standards of your own enterprise according to ISO9001:2008, national standard and American standard
  • Strong cooperation with many powerful manufacturers at home and abroad such as Wan Guxiang, Weizhiwang, Zhoujiazhuang, etc.


Continuous innovation · Strong research and development capabilities

  • Many years of research and development of modified PC field engineers, and constantly develop high-performance new products.
  • Provide free proofing and sample to customize, to meet your needs.
  • Products through SGS, CQC, UL international environmental certification in line with EU standards.

Production ability

Efficient production · Fast delivery

  • With gravure high-speed printing machine, flexographic printing eight-color machine, four-color machine, blow molding machine
  • Reduce production cycle from material to process integration
  • Flexible and efficient production, saving 10% of cost according to management strategy

Caring service

High-speed response

  • Provide warehousing services according to customer needs, and regularly make customer return visits;
  • Intimate after-sales service team, 7x24 hours fast response
  • Free delivery within the region, foreign companies take the integrity of logistics companies;

Packaging application

The variety is complete, the plastic products you want are here.

Content packaging Material combination Packing method Performance requirements
Instant noodles bopp18/vmcpp25 bopp18/cpp20 bopp18/pe20 General automatic film wrapping Oil resistance, moisture resistance, economy, high-speed packaging
Puffed food bopp18/vmcpp25 bopp18/vmpet12/pe40 Inflatable packaging Air tightness, shading, oil resistance
Candy, biscuits, dried fruits opp/cpp opp/vmcpp Manual or automatic film wrapping Transparency, Gloss, Decoration, Economy
Liquid Washing and Cream pet/vmpet/pe pet/al/pe pet/pa/pe Automatic Filling and Packaging of Night Bodies Anti-pollution, shading, air tightness, high strength
Oil and soy sauce pet/pe pa/pe pa/cpp pet/cpp Automatic Filling and Packaging of Liquid Pollution Resistance, Compressive Strength, High Speed Packaging
Coffee, tea, seasoning powder, etc. pet/vmpet/pe pet/al/pe opp/vmpet/pe opp/al/pe Ordinary manual \ Automatic Vacuum Extraction Flavor retention, shading, air tightness, antistatic
Yogurt or jelly cover pet12/al7/pe40/eva30 Automatic packaging Tearability, anti-pollution, shading, size stability
Meat products, fish products pa/pe pet/pe matopp/pa/pe Vacuum and refrigeration Barrier, piercing resistance, heat sealing strength, heat resistance
Liquid self-supporting bag pet12/al7/pet12/lldpe pet12/al7/ny15/ldpe Automatic filling Barrier, pressure resistance, heat resistance, piercing resistance, pollution resistance
Washing powder bopp20(28)/lldpe pet(NY)/lldpe Manual sealing Anti-pollution, high heat sealing strength, high tensile strength
Pesticides (dressing or granulating) pet(ny)/lldpe bopp/vmpet/lldpe bopp(pet)al/lldpe Automatic fill Barrier, anti-pollution, heat sealing strength
Pesticide (liquid or emulsion) pet12/al/ny/cpp Automatic fill Corrosion resistance, pollution resistance, high barrier, heat sealing strength
Lengdong Food (Containing Ice Cream) bopp/pe pet/pe pa/pe mattopp/pa/pe opp/vmcpp Automatic Packaging and Refrigerated Packaging Cold resistance, transparency, piercing resistance, shading
Cooking food pet/rcpp pa/rcpp pet/al/ny/rcpp pet/ny/al/rcpp High temperature sterilization 121 C Barrier, heat resistance, anti-piercing, shading
rice kpa/lldpe ny15/lldpe100-110 Vacuum pumping High Tensile Strength, Low Temperature Heat Seal, Transparency, High Hand Strength
Fertilizer and culture soil pe tube,pet/pe pa/pe,pet/vmpet/pe,pet/al/pe Manual or automatic packaging High heat sealing strength, good stacking
Oven Bags pet/spet pa/spe matt opp/pa/spe Use in oven High heat resistance, no distortion, automatic exhaust
Microwave oven bag pet/spe pa/spe matt opp/pa/spe Use in microwave oven Automatic exhaust, no need for manual hole-piercing
Garment bag opp opp/cpp opp/vmcpp pet/pe Self-adhesive strip or artificial heat seal High Transparency Requirements


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